David X


David fell in love with music at a young age and bought his first tape (Devo "Freedom Of Choice") around the age of 10. In 1985 he moved to Chicago during the "Golden Era" of Chicago House and was immediately hooked on House. By the end of the 80's David was also heavily into Hip-House, Techno, and Industrial, and in 1991 got his DJ start on his college radio station, KCSU 90.5 FM Fort Collins Colorado, playing anything from House and Techno to Ambient, Industrial, Jazz, Funk, and Metal.

In the early 90's David also got into the then rapidly evolving styles of Hardcore Techno, Breaks, and Jungle – finding in them the same innovation that had led House to become a global sensation. Staying current on all these styles was not easy, with the innovation in electronic music in the 80's and early 90's undoubtedly eclipsing that of any other time. This was before the existence of the internet or of the use of digital media by underground DJs, when underground dance music DJs and producers were an elite few (who actually had talent unlike what you see all over the internet now), and DJ record stores were a luxury found only in major cities such as LA, Chicago, New York, and London.

After getting a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with Math Minor in 1993, David moved to San Diego California, and throughout '94 and '95 would make monthly trips to LA and scour record stores such as Beat Non Stop, DMC, Street Sounds, and Dr. Freeclouds. Up until about 1994 the scene had remained underground, raves were events produced by artists, techno shamen, and other atmospheric thinkers, and were attended by all types of people – not just "ravers". By the mid-90's however the scene had become overrun by shady promoters, subpar DJs, bad drugs, and watered down music. The essence was still there, it had just gone deeper underground, and various technological innovations were advancing the state of the art in other ways. The internet began to liberate information and make it easier to find and promote music, and computers and technology made it easier and more cost-effective to produce music.

David produced events from 1994-2015 at numerous venues throughout San Diego, doing live ambient and techno soundtracks to anime films at a weekly coffeehouse event and small raves at indoor and outdoor locations throughout SD in 1994, to large events at The Floating Palace in the San Diego Bay and an event at the San Diego Sports Arena in 1996, hosted Spiral Tribe UK at the World Beat Center on New Year's Eve 1997, and in 2015 hosted Tony Humphries, Derrick May & Terry Mullan at the World Beat Center in Balboa Park. David also founded Sunsonic Sound System in 1994, opened Elevator Records in downtown San Diego with 4 partners in 1995, leased a warehouse from 1996 to 1997 doing weekly afterhours and one-off events, and opened San Diego's United Records & Sound in 1999. David has since DJed 100s of clubs and events throughout Southern California, Colorado, New York, Mexico, Colombia, and Germany.

In the early 2000's David got into production and started the C.H.C. Recordings and Housejamz.com labels. David closed United Records & Sound in 2017, now works in various areas of Engineering (Audio, Software, Electrical), and he and his wife also own an organic farm & native habitat open-space property Mesa Farms next to Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego's largest mountainous park.

David is a versatile DJ who plays a wide range of underground styles... House, Deep House, Old-School House, Hip-House, Electro, Fidget, Acid House, Old-School Techno, Old-School Jungle, Breaks, Future Jazz, Disco, Downtempo, Ambient, & other fresh styles. David has always been about the music, never having the slightest concern for money, fame, or popularity contests. He is known for his ability to make people dance like few other DJs are capable.  No matter what the genre, his style is always fresh, innovative, funky, and soulful. He plays tracks that most have never heard - showcasing true underground tracks from the world's most innovative DJs and producers.

Colorado State University '89 - '93
B.S. Electrical Engineering Degree,
Minor in Mathematics

DJ, KCSU 90.5 FM '91 - '93

Moved to San Diego, CA in '93

Founder, Sunsonic Sound System '94 - pres.
San Diego's top dance music sound system provider

Partner, Evolution Tribe Productions '95 - '96
Produced events at venues including the San Diego Sports Arena,
The World Beat Center, and The Floating Palace in the San Diego Bay

Founder, Partner, Elevator Records '95 - '99

Senior Software Engineer, Quake Global Inc. '97 - '10

Owner, United Records & Sound '99 - '17

Chief Technology Officer, Field Intelligence Inc. '11 - pres.

DJ David X
Red C Lounge Downtown San Diego '05

DJ David X
Mariner's Point San Diego '00
DJ David X
Club Safari, Tijuana Mexico '00
DJ David X
AC Lounge San Diego '13