David Gleason - Architectural Consulting

Organic, Timeless Architecture & Functional, Practical Design

In over 3 decades of experience in engineering, design, business management and related areas, my focus has always been on fundamentals. When these are overlooked or misunderstood, weaknesses result and long-term value is reduced. The fundamentals of architecture and engineering go back millennia, yet architects generally strive for little more than meeting client requirements in the fastest, easiest way, resulting in often unremarkable results for all but the highest budget projects and most uncompromising clients.

Ultimately the client should have the intuitive appreciation of fundamentals, attention to detail, and the necessary time and funding to complete a project such that it achieves timeless elegance that enhances its surroundings. Concepts mastered by the true innovators over past centuries have to be taken into account, as do modern insights and practicalities. These concepts include light, space, energy, air, water, moisture, thermodynamics, topography, landscape, structural simplicity, ease of construction and maintenance, symmetry/balance, materials science, and aesthetic, cultural, historical, and perceptual considerations.

Architects design large expensive structures intended to serve the needs and desires of people for many decades. The entire lifecycle of the structure should be thought through, and things like modularity, adaptability, energy efficiency, structural simplicity, and durability should be properly analyzed, with design weaknesses, alternatives, and optimizations evaluated at each step. This cannot be done quickly but is generally better done prior to construction.

I take a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to look at client requirements and existing site conditions, ask the necessary questions and properly identify and investigate any potential design weaknesses and contingencies, and create/refine the high-level project design, while working with other professionals as needed to translate this into final documents. With the complexity of construction today a broad foundation and focus on fundamentals is critical in achieving truly exceptional results.

Once the high-level design has been done with proper due diligence, the overall time investment is in fact relatively small compared to the total project scope, while major long-term value can be added and costs and schedules can often be reduced. Lower-level design details necessary to complete all plan details, obtain permits and start construction can involve significant additional work and can generally be done by specialists in the local area.


1989 - 1993Colorado State University
BS Electrical Engineering Degree, Minor in Mathematics
Summer 1990Construction Laborer, Etkin Construction
Worked for the general contractor building the $250M Cherry Creek Mall in Denver CO
Summer 1991Construction Laborer, Premier Specialty Contractors
Laborer working on commercial real estate structural reinforcement projects
1992 - 1993Electrician, Universal Electrical Construction, Denver CO
Electrician working on commercial/industrial new construction and service calls
1993 - 1995Systems Engineer, Indyme Electronics
Developed production test systems and configuration management systems
1994 - 1999Founder, Sunsonic
San Diego pro-audio equipment manufacturer and sound system provider  Pictures
1995 - 1999Founder, Partner, Elevator Records San Diego CA
Developed one of the first US music ecommerce websites with audio previews of Records & CDs  Image
1995Commercial TI Retail Store design build, Elevator Records San Diego CA
Futuristic themed retail area design build, 2nd floor loft, skylight, new bathroom & electrical
1996Electronics Technician, Overland Data
Diagnosed and repaired multi-processor tape drive data backup systems (part-time)
1997 - 2010Senior Software Engineer, Quake Global Inc.
Lead software engineer for M2M customer applications, firmware, and production test systems
1999 - 2017Owner, United Records & Sound
San Diego retail and online purveyor of DJ vinyl, CDs, accessories, and DJ, Pro Sound, AV & lighting systems
1999Commercial TI Retail Store design build, United Records San Diego CA
Retail area and recording studio design build  Pic1 | Pic2 | Pic3 | Pic4
2006Commercial TI Retail Store & Recording Studio design build, United Records & Sound San Diego CA
Major renovation adding 2 recording studios, offices, and a new 2nd floor 600sf apartment  Pictures | Studio2
2011 - pres.Chief Technology Officer, Field Intelligence Inc.
Develop and manage enterprise Web & Information Systems (PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Linux) and tech infrastructure
2012Home Improvements, Normal Heights San Diego CA
Landscape improvements, retaining wall replacement, repairs and upgrades  Pictures
2013 - pres.Member, Deco Properties LLC
Manage a 4,700sf Retail building in North Park San Diego CA
2013 - 2014Commercial Retail Building Rehabilitation and Remodel, North Park San Diego CA
Restored a dilapidated 1937 4,700sf Streamline Art-Deco Commercial Building to like-new condition with open beam ceilings, skylights, restored original facade and clerestory windows, all new electrical, plumbing & HVAC, and warm-shell TIs for 2 retail tenants  Pictures
2014Home Improvements, North Park San Diego CA
Extensive repairs and upgrades to a 1,200sf 1923 Craftsman house
2016 - pres.Member, North Park Properties LLC dba Mesa Farms
Manage all aspects of a 40-acre Organic Farm & Nature Preserve property adjoining Mission Trails Regional Park in Santee CA with 2 rental houses. Manage a 20Ksf planting area and 20Ksf of native habitat restoration area
2016 - 2017Major Home Remodel, North Park San Diego CA
Added a new 2nd floor and over 1,000sf of new space to a 1923 Craftsman house  Video | Pictures
2016 - 2017Major Home Remodels, Santee CA
Major rehabilitation and remodel of 2 rental houses on a 40-acre property  Video1 | Video2
2019 - 2020Home Repairs & Upgrades, La Jolla Heights CA
Numerous repairs and upgrades to a 1970 3,400sf 5BR 3BA house adding a new balcony, new windows & skylights, new flooring, seismic reinforcements, and landscape improvements  Video